Standards Compliance

Are you a business that charges credit cards? Do you keep sensitive information such as Social Security numbers or other standards (FERPA) protected information? Well, as you might or might not be aware, many insurance companies, as well as governmental agencies, require such businesses to be compliant with today’s industry standards such as PCI, SOXLEY (Sarbanes/Oxley), HIPAA, FERPA and GLB. This is where we come in! We can assist by auditing your network, verifying whether or not it is currently upto the necessary standards, and recommend upgrades and changes to ensure compliance. Please contact us either via our online form or contact information for a visit!

Computer/Accessory Purchases

Many companies these days (small or large) just need things to work! They do not wish to know “what” makes it “work” just wish for it to “work”. This is where our years of experience will come in handy! By sitting down with you and evaluating your needs, we can help you come up with a plan, which we will then design into a “networking system” and offer the necessary purchasing recommendations to make it a reality. If you are unsure or don’t know what exactly you need, we can help you decide that as well. Utilizing our highly experienced consultants we can find out what your needs are, what price range you’re interested in, and will give you a few case study based scenarios that will more than likely be the best option which meets your needs. Our fees to help select and purchase the items are very low, and we can often find discounted prices on the items themselves by scouring various internet outlets as well as our partnerships with companies such as CDW and CNET. We can also work with already purchased equipment, by helping you to set it up properly and even offer training on how to use them. Let us help you buy your next computerized solution, accessory, or software!

Software Development

We can develop a specialized software solution that will match your particular needs and specifications. Often the software programs available in stores are general and don’t satisfy your exact specific needs. By hiring us you can be assured that we will build you a totally customized software system that will fulfill all of your requirements and more. With our highly skilled and trained/certified developers (SCEA and MCSD trained and/or certified) we can develop any solution within your choice of technology and budget!

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