System/Network Troubleshooting

Our team is well known for it’s capabilities of diagnosing as well as correcting/improving a wide range of OS, networking and various other 3rd party solutions and more. We can help you build a total network from the ground up using free and/or paid OS and products, while also assist with singular tasks such as Disaster Recovery or removal of viruses from your system, set up security measures which will block out any further invasions, and correct more serious issues like corrupt software or failing hardware. We can also apply various maintenance solutions tailored to your specific needs that will help make your networking environment run smoother, faster and more efficiently. We can improve upon your existing system/network to ensure it meets today’s standards as well as consult with you to help improve your business processes.

Security Auditing/Implementation and Consulting

In today’s world of high-tech crime and innocent-looking spammers, it’s no wonder end-users and businesses are confused when they are presented with a “summons order” for malpractice or negligence. As TeamXMM, we offer a wide array of security solutions that comprise of the TeamXMM engineering team’s magical touch and industry-proven solutions; such as UTMs, IDS / IPS and more. All of our staff are GIAC, CISSP, CCSE/A, Security+ and SCNA certified and/or trained. In the IT world, if you are not up-to-date, you are dead in the water. Based on this philosophy, we also ensure that our team attends training events, conferences and symposiums on a regular basis. In 2008, we attended the SANS conference held in Virginia Tech which covered topics such as Malware Reverse-Engineering, Worm and Network Bot Analysis and more!

Website Presence Development, Assistance & Troubleshooting

In today’s world, where a company without a web-presence is considered not to have any common sense, and is seen as “hindered”, we as TeamXMM can assist in the un-hindering process; by using proven industry-standard and secure paid and/or free solutions such as CMS’ (i.e. Joomla or Drupal), Blogs’, (i.e. WordPress or Pebble) and Wiki’s (such as Confluence or jspWiki and more). Our design team can offer both customized as well as standardized themes, and based on determined level of complexity, provide the necessary logic to fit any business process utilizing well known frameworks such as: .Net 3.0, Java, PHP, Flash, cgi-bin, SQL and more!

We can even recommend, as well as assist in putting together a “total package” which would include hosting as well as security and other maintenances.

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