Facebook/MySpace Worm on the loose!

Taken from Aviv_Revach’s blog:

AVG Caught the bug... ?

AVG Caught the bug... ?

This morning I’ve received a notification email from Facebook, notifying me that my friend Asaf left me a new message on my wall. This seemed to be OK until I read the message:

“hello Arik, hehe.. you could be tht naughty i didnt knw..really hard to see tht from my eyes lol :-)

have a luk urself…
(click open or run when prompted)

The contents of the message was suspiciously similar to the Messenger virus messages. Another look at the URL gave out the fact that this is not a Google url, but a phishing site. Because I use Ubuntu at the moment, I wasn’t concerned too much of being hit by a virus, so I followed the link. The link goes to a download page of Picture_dl.exe, which I guess is some sort of a virus/worm.

I couldn’t find this message on my wall, so either Facebook removed it already or the email didn’t come from them. Either way, I’ve notified their support about that, and I hope they will act accordingly.

Bottom line – beware of viruses being spread via Facebook/look like Facebook notifications, and don’t click on every link


So… Folks, please be aware, and don’t clicking everything you see just b/c it might LOOK LIKE it’s from a friend? huh?